Wuxi Tian An Manhattan

This project is situated at the west of Wuxi city centre, at the intersection of the city main road-Taihu Avenue and Hubin Road. The project enjoys convenient transportation, and plays a vital role in connecting the old and new Wuxi city: to the west is Taihu Tourist resort and Lihu New Town, to the east is the city center and Taihu Square, and to the south is Taihu New Town, which will be the city’s administration and business center in the future. Built on a site of 59,480 m2, the project is to be developed into a total construction area of approximately 146,200m² with a rare 15% low building density. The plot ratio is 2.4, and 65% ultra-high greening plus golf slope vegetation makes strolling a kind of romance and etiquette. Adopting the most popular Art Deco international architectural style, the project comprises six semi-enclosed high-rise buildings with super-large block distance of 200 meters, and blends perfectly well with a central lake of over 20,000m² . It boasts premium dwelling units ranging from 102 to 260m² , and the floor height is 3.1 meter. Viewing from the top of the building is bound to be ambitious and broad-minded.

Tian An • Manhattan not only has excellent community facilities to meet various requirements of daily life but also possesses a 3,500m² five-star luxury clubhouse opening to the distinguished owners. The 24-hour hotel-style property service system enhances the level of property management in an all-round way and embodies etiquette.

For more information:
Property Website:  
Sales Hotline: +021 2308 9090
Email: sales@tiananchina.cn
Property Address: No. 809 Hubin Road, Wuxi (the intersection of Taihu Avenue and Hubin Road).


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