Nantong Tian An First Mansion


180,000 m²Hong Kong-style extract life model


First Mansion, about 180,000 square meters of Hong Kong-style living area.It is built by the veteran Hong Kong-funded real estate enterprise Tianan China and the world-class master team.


The project is located near the Jiuhua Transportation Hub, with multi-dimensional transportation, approximately 9 kilometers away from Nantong West Station. It contaians a 90-minute urban relationship with Shanghai and deeply integrates into the city. It is about 3 kilometers away from the Jiuhua Transportation Hub and quickly reaches Chongchuan District, which people can enjoying a convenient life in the elite circle.


The project is equipped with a five-star community club, hotel style community lobby, with the Master-level architectural planning, full-growth house type design, five major full-age social spaces, high quality property, provide customers with respected life in all aspects.


Thoroughly understand the different needs of different structural families for living spaces, with a construction area of about 95 / 110 / 128m² three types of housing, to meet the living needs of the family throughout the life cycle, leading the Hong Kong faction to respect the living experience.


Provide thoughtful services to ensure the superior quality of life for homeowners.Lnvited gold medal property company -- Gangli property, bring the perfect Hong Kong-style property services, create respect with all-round care、Comfortable Hong Kong-style elite life.

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Sales Hotline: +021 2308 9090
Property Address: No. 55, Huashi Road, Jiuhua Town, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province
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