Shanghai Tian An Place




Locating in Hong Qiao block, a traditional hub of expatriates, Tian An Place is bounded by Caobao Rd on the south, Pu Hui Tang River on the north, Hong Xin Rd on the east and outer ring road and planned 1600 mu of culture garden on the west. Tian An Place covers a land of 362,320 sqm with GFA of 470000 sqm, including 50000 sqm of business street, kindergarten, school and VIP clubhouse. Comprehensive plot ratio is 1.35 and greenery rate is 35.5%. Concentrated greenery rate is 15%.

Metro line 9 has station at the entrance of community. Planned metro line 10 passes through Wuzhong Rd, which is on the north of project. It only takes 10 minutes driving from the community to Hong Qiao Hub, the comprehensive transportation hub. Tian An Place must be a high-end community in Shanghai.


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Sales Hotline: +021 6372 6666
Property Address: Lane 3333, Hong Xin Rd, Minhang District, Shangha



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