Huizhou Huiyang Tian An Sun Life City

Located in Huiyang district of Huizhou city, the Sun Life City is a complex adjacent to Shenzhen with a GFA of over 1 million ㎡, serving as a key project in Southern China of Tian An China. Lying on both sides of Danshui River, the project covers a land area of approximately 400,000㎡, and plans to have a total GFA of around 1.08 million ㎡, serving as an upscale integrated complex combing residential buildings, comprehensive commercial and office buildings. Besides, it is also the sole high-end compound with a GFA of over 1 million ㎡ in central Huiyang.

The project also boasts extremely convenient transportation. With Shen-Shan Highway and Coastal Expressway, it is merely 50 minutes drive away from Luohu and Futian district in central Shenzhen, and 30 minutes drive away from Longgang district. Thanks to Xiamen-Shenzhen High Speed Railway, which has a station in South Huizhou, it takes merely 20 minutes from Shenzhen North Railway Station to Huizhou South Railway Station. Moreover, metro Line 14, the extension of metro Line 3 of Shenzhen, is currently under construction, which will cross central area of Huiyang and Daya Bay, and make it possible to reach Huiyang from Shenzhen within 30 minutes.

The project developed the southern section firstly, which lies on the south bank of Danshui River. With a total GFA of approximately 500,000 ㎡, the section is planed to be developed in three phases. As regards the architectural planning, it was accomplished by Yarui Architecture Designing Co., Ltd, and the landscape part was designed by H&A Design. The overall plan is to develop it into an enclosed building complex featuring modern style, and I-shaped or triangle-shaped layouts are formed among the buildings as a whole. The maximum distance between two buildings is 217 meters, and moreover, an ideal layout of each unit (i.e. to have windows facing both south and north with a living room facing south) is guaranteed to the extent as large as reasonably practicable.

The southern section of Huiyang Tian An Sun Life City boasts a large-scale commercial composite covering an area of around 35,000㎡, which was open for business on 12th December 2017. It has managed to win the attention and approval of leaders at all levels of Huiyang district, various sectors of the society, mainstream media industry in particular, hundreds of brands, and customers also, by virtue of joint efforts of the commercial company and Grand Ocean Department Store.  As regards positioning of each floor, it covers varied topics including fashion and lifestyle, cinema and entertainment, cuisine, and children’s world. In relation to business types, it includes retailing, entertainment, education, boutique stores, supermarkets, F&B, and so forth. The positioning target, to be a family consumption hub, has been initially realised.

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Property Address: No. 19, Renmin Si Road, Huiyang Tian An Sun Life City, Danshui town, Huiyang district, Huizhou city, Guangdong province
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