Shanghai Tian An Xiangyu Lake Wonderland


Tian 'an Xiangyu Cui Lake, jointly created by Tian' an China & Xiangyu Real Estate, is an ecological and open, diversified and complex international park community. The project occupies CAZ International Living Area in Luodian, Baoshan, Shanghai. It is about 700 meters away from Line 7 as a straight line, within foot, and can transfer to Line 15 for 4 stops. In terms of living facilities, the project is adjacent to 700,000 square meters of Meilan City, which is expected to open in 2024. The business format includes family parents, boutique supermarket, cinema, catering, fitness, etc.
As the living model of Meilan Lake, the project national AAAA scenic spot Meilan Lake, Oriental Holiday Garden, Nobel Science and Technology Park, the city green is the home scenery. The construction surface is about 97 ㎡ Seiko three rooms / construction surface is about 120-143 ㎡ lakeside duplex, which is now in hot subscription.

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Sales Hotline: +021 2308 9090
Property Address: Lane 333, Meijian Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai


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