Ningbo Tian An First Mansion


Tian'an Shengshi Zhenjing Flower Garden is the first cover work of Tian'an Group's Cixi, located in the core of Xiaolin Town, on the south side of Xiaolin Middle School. The four directions of the project are Hongyue Village residential area in the east, river channel and planned land in the south, river channel in the west, and Xinheng Road in the north. The project covers an area of about 67000 square meters, with a total construction area of about 185000 square meters, including about 130000 square meters of aboveground construction area and 50000 square meters of underground structure area. It is composed of 19 7-11 storey western-style houses, with 1300 households in total, with a floor area ratio of 2.0, a greening rate of 30%, 1355 parking spaces, and a parking space ratio of more than 1:1. It is the only pure western-style residential area in the region where people and vehicles are separated and equipped with a five-star club.


The main unit area of the project is 83 ㎡ -96 ㎡ with three bedrooms, and there are also 111 ㎡ large three bedrooms and 128 ㎡ four bedrooms available. The diversity of unit design allows you to have more choices, while fully considering the comfort and convenience of daily living. The all-clear north-south transparent design, with clear zoning, suitable scale, and reasonable layout of each functional space, also emphasizes the design and application of auxiliary spaces, such as bay windows, equipment balconies, etc., which can make the indoor space use more reasonable.

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Property Address: 160 Meters Southwest Of Xinheng Road&Yuanding Road Intersection,Cixi,Zhejiang
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