Fuzhou Summit Golf Country Club & Dengyun Resort

Dengyun Resort is located in Jinan District, Fuzhou, Teng Yun Road 388, the project covers an area of 1,643,208 square meters, floor area ratio of 0.418, with a total construction area of 686,326 square meters, of which 1,500 acres of golf and supporting land, 1,000 acres of residential land, forest green protection Area 1500 acres of land. After more than ten years of development have been built 35 villas and an 18 hole golf course, and has become foreign trade, foreign investments are in the fig, the major community leisure and residential places. Straight from the center of Fuzhou, the project of about 5.5 km away from the urban thirty-eight Dengyun lead to slip to pick Dengyun Resort, the project is located in Fuzhou, Jinan District, Dengyun reservoir area, the surrounding traffic is developed, connecting the East Second Ring Road; project from the city is only 5-8 minutes, and CBD business district is also just 15 minutes, while only 700 meters near the Third Ring Road, Phase II and the airport expressway connection to the airport just 30 minutes drive away.

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Sales Hotline: +021 6372 6666
Email: sales@tiananchina.cn
Property Address: No.388, Dengyun Road, Fuzhou, China.
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