Shanghai Tian An Villa

Adjacent to the sole state-level tourist resort in Shanghai, and located at Sheshan Villa Zone in Songjiang District, Tianan Villa enjoys convenient transportation network and public services.


With respect of local culture and ecological environment, Tianan Villa creates a modern oriental villa community based on the traditional dwelling wisdom on one hand, and the consideration of modern living requirement and aesthetic taste on the other hand. The overall master plan covers an area of 2,500,000m² , among which 110,000m² has been assigned for the 1st phase development, which comprises of three big groups of islands and many smaller ones. Every villa is next to water with the floor area ranging from 278 to 373m² .


The architectural style of Tianan Villa derives from the vernacular dwellings in Jiangnan region. Its three-sided courtyard layout follows the spatial spirit of traditional courtyard house, yet allows more communication between the home inside and the nature outside. Grey and white walls together with black roof offer more than just the cleanness and simpleness of the colors. Following more geometric composition of large surfaces and in contrast with warm wooden shutters, large down-to-floor windows, and natural stones, its exterior design produce a harmonious rhythm and the interplay between the void and the solid.


Tianan refers to an enterprise, a brand, and a person. Villa is a type of architecture, a manner, and an attitude. Tianan Villa originates from the East and confronts the World.

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Property Address: Lane 3888, South Jiasong Road, Songjiang, Shanghai, China.


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